Top SixPreventative Maintenance Tips for Semi-Trucks!

Whether you bought a new truck or own one for several years, preventative maintenance is crucial for keeping your trucks in top-notch condition. Preventive maintenance is ideal for keeping your fleet of trucks running reliably and reducing the risk of breakdown while you deliver loads.


Here are the top 6 tips that we suggest all truckers follow and keep their fleet healthy!


1.      Check fluid levels:

Engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, and hydraulic fluids provide essential lubrication for the smoother operation of the engines and their various components. Fleet management software Having less level of these fluids indicates abrupt consumption or leakage causing wear and tear of the parts. Refilling them regularly can prevent significant damages and save you from expensive repairs.

2.      Change fluids:

All the above fluids have designated viscosity and are designed to operate at specific temperatures and miles. After driving thousands of miles, the thickness of the fluids degrades. This degraded oil can also contain the small elements that wear out from the components. To prevent damages, manufacturers advise changing the fluids at regular intervals for smoother operation of the truck.

3.      Inspect brakes:

It’s not about how fast you accelerate; it’s about how quickly you can brake. When carrying a fully loaded trailer, you also have potential inertia force that can cause severe damage if mishaps occur. Hence frequently checking the brakes and replacing them when they reach the minimum wear condition is recommended. Do also check the wearing of brake pads; if it’s not proper, this can be a sign that your brake system isn’t balanced and requires adjustment.

4.      Check air filters:

Truck engines are air-breathing and require clean air for burning fuel. Clogged filters can reduce the amount of air getting into your engine, reducing power, and lowering the fuel economy. A clean air filter can go a long way towards reducing your fuel consumption and help to run the engine smoothly.

5.      Electrical system verification:

Long-distance driving and frequent start and stop can drain the battery, putting your truck’s electrical system to the test. It is a good idea to add your battery, alternator, Fleet management software and electrical system to your preventative maintenance list for a yearly check. If you operate in colder climates, regular checks are the best way to avoid discharging problems.

6.      Service fifth wheel regularly:

The fifth wheel is responsible for keeping the trailer attached to your semi-truck during the journey. Problems with these can slow down and even keep your truck off the road if you can’t hook up the trailer securely. Inspect it regularly, and grease/adjust as required.

Every trucking company has a unique fleet of trucks and trailers that needs to adapt a preventative maintenance list to suit their situation. Including these six tips in your list will help ensure your trucks run more reliably and are less susceptible to breakdown.