Pakistani Style Dresses

As a Public Relations representative, I present to you the top 10 trendy Pakistani dresses this 2023. From designer Sharara suits to Gararas and bridal dresses, Pakistani fashion offers an exquisite blend of colors, style, and elegance that captivates the world. Below is a brief description of each dress:

1. Sharara suit – This is a three-piece outfit, which consists of a long shirt, a pair of wide-leg pants, and a dupatta. The pants usually have heavy embroidery at the bottom. The trend this year is to have flowy shararas.

2. Garara – Similar to sharara, this is a traditional dress from Pakistan. However, gararas have a more narrow cut around the knees and become very wide at the bottom. It is often paired with a shorter shirt, and the dupatta is draped in different styles.

3. Lehenga – This is a floor-length skirt that is paired with a crop top or short blouse. Lehenga often has intricately beaded or embroidered details and can be worn during formal events.

4. Anarkali suit – This is a classic, long dress that flares towards the bottom. The upper portion of the dress is fitted while the lower part is voluminous. These suits are often made of light chiffon, making them perfect for summertime events or parties.

5. Saree – While sarees are not exclusively Pakistani, they are still popular in the region. They can be draped in several ways, and the blouses vary from sleeveless to full sleeves or off-shoulder.

6. A-line dress – This dress is fitted at the top and flares towards the bottom. It can be made of light fabric like cotton, which makes it perfect for everyday wear, or made of luxurious silk or chiffon for formal events.

7. Pakistani bridal dresses – Pakistani dresses are famous worldwide for their intricate embroidery, beadwork, and lavish designs. These dresses are usually heavily embellished with zari work, stones, and pearls and come in vibrant colors.

8. Pakistani dress pattern – Pakistani dresses feature diverse patterns and designs, ranging from traditional floral prints to geometric patterns. The popular patterns include paisley, polka dots, and intricate geometric designs.

9. Pakistani wedding dresses – Pakistani weddings are a grand affair, and the wedding dresses reflect that. Bridal dresses are often accompanied by statement jewelry and stunning makeup.

10. Gharara – This is an old-school trend re-emerging with modern twists. It consists of a floor-length skirt with a shorter hemline that shows off embroidered leggings. The dupatta is draped in different styles.

Whether you are attending a wedding or looking for something everyday wear, Pakistani dresses offer an extraordinary blend of style and tradition. So, get ready to flaunt your desi style with these 10 trend-setting dresses.