Male Hair Loss: an assessment report of popular treatments

Many hair loss treatments available over the internet in the United Kingdom don’t actually work. It’s true that we’ve known that was the case however, we now have evidence to verify it.

Disappointed by the misleading advertising, a company under named MENSCRIPT, took it upon their own to research every hair loss treatment currently in use. They gathered more than 60 scientific studies in their effort to discover if the treatment for hair loss work according to the claims.

Based on their research, 9/10 products that advertise to “stop losing hair” do not have any scientific evidence backing it up that proves that it actually works. In other words: the claims are untrue. It’s a lie to convince you to purchase their product. A product that does not work and, therefore, is an unproductive use of your money.

Hair loss treatments that don’t perform as claimed are Biotin, caffeine shampoo Viscal, saw palmetto, and saw palmetto. This is only the top of the iceberg because there are plenty of other treatments which don’t work, and you can learn more about them within their Male treatments for hair loss Guide.

This guide assesses each treatment for hair loss individually and provides insight on the number of studies which have been conducted and what these studies tell us. Does the treatment work or does it not? The guide will provide an answer to this issue by assessing every product by determining whether it’s “effective” as well as “ineffective“.

One of the therapies that was studied is medical treatments like minoxidil or finasteride. There are also cosmetics and machines like caffeine shampoo hair transplant surgery and low-light laser therapy.

Luckily, there are also several treatments that perform according to their claims. To determine the best one, you need go through their Male Hair Loss Guide.