How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

In contemporary society, many household homes are made up of engineered hardwood floors. These are designed by installing fiberboard beneath the top layer of real wood. Engineered hardwood design allows the flooring of the boards to expand and contract with various humidity levels making engineered hardwoods durable and beautiful. Cleaning engineered hardwood floor is simple and fast as long as you are aware with the right cleaning process.

The things that you will need are soft bristle broom, vacuum brush, mild soap, carpet, area rug, mop and water.

Here are the steps in cleaning engineered hardwood floors:

  • It is recommended to sweep or vacuum the floor at least 2 or 3 days. Dirt particles can produce scratch marks on hardwood floor that is why regular cleaning is vital. Use a fine broom with soft bristle in sweeping the floor. You can also use a dry dust mop.
  • Vacuum the floor with your vacuum brush once a week. Vacuum brush works well in removing dust particles between the boards of the floor.
  • For stubborn dirt particles, use a mop. Moisten your mop with water and soapy solution. Remove excess water and wipe the soiled area properly. You can also use commercial cleaning solution intended in cleaning engineered hardwood floor.
  • For floor protection, place your area rugs and carpet on high traffic surface to cover the floor. However, make sure to clean the underneath surface so that debris doesn’t filter on your area rug and onto hardwood floor. Placing a heavy mat outside and inside the door also works best in catching as much debris as possible especially when you and your visitors enter the house.
  • Remove liquid stain immediately and make sure that your engineered hardwood floor is totally dry. Liquid spill is the biggest enemy of engineered hardwood floor.
  • Remove your shoes if possible when entering your home. You can also ask your guests to do the same. Shoes that are made up with heavy boots, athletic cleats and high heels can damage the floor.

If you have pets inside, make sure to trim their nails as it may scratch the floor. Avoid using ammonia based solution in cleaning hardwood floor as it can be dangerous to your health once inhaled. Ammonia solution can also damage the floor as it is an abrasive cleaning agent. Above tips are tested and helpful but if you still feel under confident to do this yourself, we advise professional cleaning service in UK. This will surely provide better results without any stress.